Community Engagement

The programme’s overall goal is to promote human rights and democracy, gender equality and peace building in grassroots communities through theatre and other forms of arts. The programme also aims to promote the participation of grassroots communities in democracy and development. Interactive/ applied theatre is used to raise awareness and promote dialogue among grassroots communities on their rights and fundamental freedoms. The theatre is also used to attract and bring the community members together and develop advocacy strategies on how they can seek the protection of some of their rights that are being or have been violated or undermined.

The Programme Objectives are;

• To mobilise and develop artists’ capacity in using theatre to support dialogue on Human Rights and Democracy, gender and peace building
• To raise awareness and increase dialogue on human rights and democracy amongst community members
• To enhance citizen participation in development, democratic and governance processes in their communities and nationally

Programme Strategy

To achieve these objectives, Savanna Trust implements interactive performance based actions that speak to and seek to address the core of community challenges and aspirations. Community based theatre performances are done in partnership with community members and local theatre groups.
The organisation’s community theatre presentations, by design provoke and provide a dialoguing platform to communities and their leadership. These theatre forums enable communities to engage in crucial community and national development processes as animated in the theatre performances.

Programme Target

The programme targets society’s politically, socially and economically marginalized populations. These include farming, mining, rural and high density suburbs. Savanna Trust is mindful of the centrality of women and the youth in national and community development and as such, activities have a deliberate bias towards these two constituencies.

Partner Theatre Groups

• Berina Community Arts (Kadoma)
• Baptism of fire (Karoi Hurungwe)
• Pungwe Murahwa (Mutare)
• New Generation (Hopley)
• Wadzanayi Theatre Ensamble (Halapansi)
• Jahunda Community Arts (Gwanda)
• Bambelela (Bulawayo)