Arts Education

The Arts Education programme is aimed at the professional development of Zimbabwean theatre artists through training, mentoring, networking, exchange and collaborative work with leading local and international experts.
The programme also seeks to create new theatre opportunities, new markets and performance spaces locally, regionally and internationally for Zimbabwean theatre through extensive networking, relationship building, marketing and touring of productions to different venues and festivals. The productions and talent produced through the arts education programme are marketed to venues and festivals within and outside Zimbabwe for touring purposes. This will enable Zimbabwean theatre practitioners apart from earning an income, to learn from other spaces and artists on the various aspects of theatre production and management.

The programme conducts out training in;

• Arts Management: This is implemented in collaboration with the University of Zimbabwe Theatre Arts Department where an examinable Certificate in Arts Management is offered over a period of 3 months.
• Theatre Directing conducted by experienced professionals from Zimbabwe, the region and Internationally.
• Scriptwriting conducted by experienced professionals from Zimbabwe, the region and Internationally.
• Acting classes for beginners and mid-career artists.
• Technical aspects of theatre that include stage craft, sound, make up and lighting.

Programme Objectives

• To carry out relevant training programs that improve artists’ skills and professionalism
• To develop learning materials for the various training programmes conducted under the programme
• To carry out research on the skills needs of the theatre sector in Zimbabwe
• To produce theatre and other works of art that are saleable to local, regional and international markets
• To establish an arts centre that offers training and performance spaces to artists

Programme Strategy

The programme objectives are achieved through;
• Training workshops
• Mentorship
• Collaborations
• Exchanges

Programme Target

The programme targets the beginners and mid-career and professional theatre practitioners who do not find opportunities to get into formal training. The training programme contributes to the growth of the Zimbabwean theatre sector by targeting individual artists, theatre organisations and groups who need to have their skills in theatre production and management improved.