Liberation Scoops 3 Nama Awards

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May 23, 2017
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Liberation Scoops 3 Nama Awards

Savanna Trust’s 2016 theatre production Liberation scooped 3 awards at the recently held National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA). The play got the outstanding Actress, Outstanding Actor and Outstanding Theatrical Production. For Savanna Trust this is the third time it is scoring such a feat at the NAMAs.

The NAMAs are the premier national awards that are hosted by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe to honour outstanding work within the arts sector, and they are held annually.

The winning of the National Arts Merit Awards does not only build confidence among the Savanna Trust team but is also an indication that our work is being recognised in many spheres. As an organisation, We believe that theatre plays an important role in societal transformation  Throughout the year, Savanna Trust implements theatre projects that seek to transform people’s lives. It also works to build the capacity of other theatre practitioners through training and mentoring. It is our conviction to use theatre in changing people’s lives. The play Liberation falls in the realm of those plays that speaks truth to power as it tackles head on, the difficult questions to the Zimbabwean crisis. It is not only a narrative of the already known Zimbabwean story but a candid and daring artistic meditation on the meaning of liberation in post-colonial Africa. In this multi-award winning play, the vanguards of liberation-those in the spirit realm-are angry at the betrayal of the promises of independence. But they are not the only disappointed ones…

Set in present day Zimbabwe, this story is a country’s call for cleansing, re-imagining, new heroes and new action. The play was Liberation was launched on 22 October 2016 at Theatre In the Park in Harare.

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