“Hona Mwana Wako” Radio Drama 5th Episode on Child Protection

Engaging citizens on child protection and rights through Radio Drama
May 19, 2017
Liberation Scoops 3 Nama Awards
May 23, 2017

“Hona Mwana Wako” Radio Drama 5th Episode on Child Protection

“Hona Mwana Wako” is a five episode radio drama series that is aimed at enhancing awareness and dialogue among Zimbabweans on child protection and their rights. The project uses interactive radio drama and discussions to expose and challenge harmful social, economic, religious and cultural practices that promote violence and abuse of children.

In our 5th and final episode of the child protection radio drama, we explore the emotive distinction between grooming a child in household chores, and child labour ! Especially today when a lot of our children are in the streets anchoring family income-making initiatives-honestly or otherwise. Its the law versus survival.

Tune in to Radio Zimbabwe on Tuesday 23 May 2017, at 2020Hrs for the last episode of this exciting drama and discussion.  Written by Leonard Matsa and produced by Savanna Trust, with support from the Embassy of Switzerland.

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